238 middle names for Vivienne [cute & adorable]

middle names for Vivienne

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In the United States, Vivienne is one of the rapidly chosen baby names which currently ranks in the 648th position in the popular name list for the year 2021.

This name Vivienne is a female version of the actual name Vivien and this beautiful female name holds the value of nobility, elegance, and sweetness.

Therefore, if you have finalized it for your little one, here are some best middle names for Vivienne but before that have a look at the meaning and origin.

Meaning of the name Vivienne and its origin

The name Vivienne mainly belongs to Latin origin or the Latin word Vivus but according to other sources claim this name has also originated from Irish or French origin.

And this name means “Lively”.

Let’s now begin with the middle names for Vivienne.

Best middle names for Vivienne

  1. Vivienne Clara
  2. Vivienne Estelle
  3. Vivienne Odessa
  4. Vivienne Simone
  5. Vivienne Hunter
  6. Vivienne Penelope
  7. Vivienne Noelle
  8. Vivienne Ellis
  9. Vivienne Petula
  10. Vivienne Lila
  11. Vivienne Yume
  12. Vivienne Soraya
  13. Vivienne Clara
  14. Vivienne Rachel
  15. Vivienne Sadie
  16. Vivienne Helena
  17. Vivienne Obelia
  18. Vivienne Jasmine
  19. Vivienne Hana
  20. Vivienne Rialta
  21. Vivienne Noelle
  22. Vivienne Anara
  23. Vivienne Juna
  24. Vivienne Daphne
  25. Vivienne Tess
  26. Vivienne Ayaka
  27. Vivienne Faye
  28. Vivienne Bay
  29. Vivienne Elmay
  30. Vivienne Grey
  31. Vivienne Harper
  32. Vivienne Winter
  33. Vivienne Olena
  34. Vivienne Luella
  35. Vivienne Carmel
  36. Vivienne Jade
  37. Vivienne Clara
  38. Vivienne Bethia
  39. Vivienne Lace
  40. Vivienne Emery
  41. Vivienne Ella
  42. Vivienne Lily
  43. Vivienne Leonie
  44. Vivienne Patrice
  45. Vivienne Hera
  46. Vivienne Eve
  47. Vivienne Mia
  48. Vivienne Opal
  49. Vivienne Holly
  50. Vivienne Mei
  51. Vivienne Eloise
  52. Vivienne Luna
  53. Vivienne Louise
  54. Vivienne Izumi
  55. Vivienne Jayne
  56. Vivienne Elise
  57. Vivienne Adele
  58. Vivienne Lula or Luella
  59. Vivienne Lyda
  60. Vivienne Amelia
  61. Vivienne Snow
  62. Vivienne Audrey
  63. Vivienne Briar
  64. Vivienne Clovis
  65. Vivienne Opal
  66. Vivienne Amber
  67. Vivienne Rachel
  68. Vivienne Winter
  69. Vivienne Maia
  70. Vivienne Ivy
  71. Vivienne Valentine
  72. Vivienne Marlowe
  73. Vivienne Astrid
  74. Vivienne Ramona
  75. Vivienne Charlotte
  76. Vivienne Elise
  77. Vivienne Aiko
  78. Vivienne Joy
  79. Vivienne Liora
  80. Vivienne Clarice
  81. Vivienne Florence
  82. Vivienne Evie
  83. Vivienne Thérèse
  84. Vivienne Avis
  85. Vivienne Harper
  86. Vivienne Kai
  87. Vivienne Lily
  88. Vivienne Emi
  89. Vivienne Pearl
  90. Vivienne Lorelei
  91. Vivienne Corinne
  92. Vivienne Grace
  93. Vivienne Skye
  94. Vivienne Mira
  95. Vivienne Poppy
  96. Vivienne Renee
  97. Vivienne Hadley
  98. Vivienne Cheyenne
  99. Vivienne Logan
  100. Vivienne Simone
  101. Vivienne Hyacinth
  102. Vivienne Willow
  103. Vivienne Theresa
  104. Vivienne Carolina
  105. Vivienne Lilac
  106. Vivienne Irene
  107. Vivienne Candace
  108. Vivienne Fiona
  109. Vivienne Elena
  110. Vivienne Valentina
  111. Vivienne April
  112. Vivienne Eden
  113. Vivienne Simone
  114. Vivienne Reese
  115. Vivienne James
  116. Vivienne Leona
  117. Vivienne Daphne
  118. Vivienne Charlotte
  119. Vivienne Lyra
  120. Vivienne Emelia
  121. Vivienne Belladonna
  122. Vivienne Acadia
  123. Vivienne Lorelei
  124. Vivienne Danielle
  125. Vivienne James
  126. Vivienne Louise
  127. Vivienne Karissa
  128. Vivienne Ruth
  129. Vivienne Sage
  130. Vivienne Claire
  131. Vivienne Lyra
  132. Vivienne Lyra
  133. Vivienne Rose
  134. Vivienne Brooke
  135. Vivienne Valen
  136. Vivienne Lola
  137. Vivienne Marie
  138. Vivienne Noelle
  139. Vivienne Remi
  140. Vivienne Camelia
  141. Vivienne Sienna
  142. Vivienne Sierra
  143. Vivienne Lucy
  144. Vivienne Catalina
  145. Vivienne Adeleine
  146. Vivienne Lucille / Lucy / Lucilla
  147. Vivienne Jasmyn
  148. Vivienne Hadley
  149. Vivienne Gemma
  150. Vivienne Katrine
  151. Vivienne Nora
  152. Vivienne Gabrielle
  153. Vivienne Tessa
  154. Vivienne Nila
  155. Vivienne Louise/Louisa
  156. Vivienne Arielle
  157. Vivienne Sophie/Sophia
  158. Vivienne Luana
  159. Vivienne Eleanor
  160. Vivienne Briony
  161. Vivienne Hope
  162. Vivienne Luciana
  163. Vivienne Flora
  164. Vivienne Catriona
  165. Vivienne Hannah
  166. Vivienne Yumi
  167. Vivienne Belle
  168. Vivienne Juliet
  169. Vivienne Anastasia
  170. Vivienne Linnea
  171. Vivienne Plum
  172. Vivienne Misaki
  173. Vivienne Mila
  174. Vivienne Margot
  175. Vivienne Leontine
  176. Vivienne Liana
  177. Vivienne Reina
  178. Vivienne Leigh
  179. Vivienne Zoe
  180. Vivienne Elaine
  181. Vivienne Hina
  182. Vivienne Sora
  183. Vivienne Skye
  184. Vivienne Lynn
  185. Vivienne Rosalie
  186. Vivienne Azalea
  187. Vivienne Willow
  188. Vivienne Camille
  189. Vivienne Manami
  190. Vivienne Lark
  191. Vivienne Lily
  192. Vivienne Soleil
  193. Vivienne Indigo
  194. Vivienne Chloe
  195. Vivienne Garnet
  196. Vivienne Bianca
  197. Vivienne Keira
  198. Vivienne Kate
  199. Vivienne Lorelei
  200. Vivienne Snow
  201. Vivienne Esme
  202. Vivienne Juliet
  203. Vivienne Desirée
  204. Vivienne Stella
  205. Vivienne Jensen
  206. Vivienne Elsa
  207. Vivienne Jolie
  208. Vivienne Liliana
  209. Vivienne Josephine
  210. Vivienne Magnice
  211. Vivienne Akari
  212. Vivienne Harriet
  213. Vivienne Rowena
  214. Vivienne Deirdre
  215. Vivienne Mae
  216. Vivienne Flora
  217. Vivienne Alice
  218. Vivienne Aria
  219. Vivienne Lenora
  220. Vivienne Raine
  221. Vivienne Adele
  222. Vivienne Risa
  223. Vivienne Jayce
  224. Vivienne Chloe
  225. Vivienne Beulah
  226. Vivienne Sidonia
  227. Vivienne Greer
  228. Vivienne Opal
  229. Vivienne Winter
  230. Vivienne Farrah
  231. Vivienne Raine
  232. Vivienne Jade
  233. Vivienne Lark
  234. Vivienne Seraphina
  235. Vivienne Fleur
  236. Vivienne Inara
  237. Vivienne Ever
  238. Vivienne Kennedy

How to pick a middle name?

Selecting a name for your newborn is always a hard decision for the parents. It becomes tough when both partners are not able to agree on any one name. Hence the best option they get is to repeat the ancestral names. Parents can’t risk the first names but the same is not true for the middle one. While selecting a middle name parents can emerge their creativity to its full heights as the middle name does not associate with the children’s identity.

Physiological studies and research around parenting show that the parents try to express their persona while selecting a middle name for the children. Hence resulting in stronger emotional bonds within the family and affects the children’s mindset in a positive way where they learn to consider others’ perspectives and emotional values like their own. These research findings are proof that we as a society are progressing and parenting a more mature generation ahead.

There are a few factors that one can consider while selecting a middle name for your children:

  1. Understand the Middle name flow with first and last names

Parents have no bounds to limit their imaginations while selecting a middle name for their newborns but the navigation is important both in the imagination as well as in the whole flow of the name including first, middle, and last name. For example, Elizebeth is a pretty common first name, and using a middle name such as shines is more appealing than Moxie or rainbow as it conserves the name in a certain perspective.

  1. Try to connect the parent’s personality with the middle name

One should not bind the children’s names with any of their own beliefs. Hence parents can think about giving a middle name that is more subtle like Gertrude or Ralph. As it is not going to be used like the first name these personal names and likings can easily fit into the names. If anyone wants to celebrate the maiden name this is the perfect place for it too.

  1. Two Middle Names are also acceptable

If you have a slight idea about the British royal prince George, you understand this factor’s depth. Prince George has two middle names hence it is acceptable in your baby’s case too but limit it to two as more than that increase the complexity of the name.

4. Consider the nickname possibility

The middle name can also indulge within the nicknames. The best example of this is that Mary Elizabeth can be called with the nickname of Mary Beth which sounds decent and impressive.

5. Excitement and Joy are important

The one thing that is more important while selecting the middle name of your baby is that parents make sure to select the middle name which excites them and resonates with the meaning of love and joy that they feel towards their children. All other factors get vague in this case and you both feel the same way that it is the perfect middle name for your baby.

Reasons to pick middle names

The reasons can be anything from honoring the loved ones in the family to preserving cultural values. It is entirely the parent’s choice. The motive that the middle name fulfills is conveying the joy and love of the parents towards their future baby. The expression of love and joy can vary and hence categorized as reasons. The major reasons for picking a middle name are:

  • Honoring a loved one
  • Mandatory Traditional aspects
  • Settling baby name battles
  • Offering the kid a choice of selection
  • Passing both mother and father’s family names
  • Adding special meaning to the name
  • Preserving cultural Values

There is no mandatory condition that parents are bound to select a middle name for their soon-to-be-baby. Make sure that the selected name adds to your joy and excitement toward your baby.

Sibling names for Vivienne’s baby sister names

  • Clementine
  • Marina
  • Lucia
  • Coraline
  • Tatiana
  • Seraphina
  • Bridget
  • Natasha
  • Penelope
  • Anastasia
  • Savannah
  • Imogen
  • Gemma
  • Emmeline
  • Francesca
  • Genevieve
  • Josephine
  • Felicity

Sibling names for Vivienne’s baby brother names

  • Dexter
  • Patrick
  • Frederick
  • Bowie
  • Dante
  • Everett
  • Arthur
  • Walter
  • Donovan
  • Lysander
  • Philip
  • Warren
  • Lowell
  • Orion
  • Nicholas
  • Atticus
  • Theodore

Famous people with the name Vivienne

Here are some famous names which might interest you,

  • Vivienne Sonia
  • Vivienne  Rose
  • Vivienne  Helena
  • Vivienne  Binns

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Final Words

Vivienne as a name resembles the beauty of true Hollywood popular culture and is a perfect 1st name for a baby girl. Though there are similar names as well this name and its associated middle names for Vivienne would really be a unique match.

I hope I am able to provide you with some great ideas.

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