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History of middle names

Do you know that the culture of giving Middle Names to children is found in almost all religions and region-specific races and traced its roots back to as early as the 1200s?

Although the rituals and procedural methods to give middle names are different depending on the religion or regional customs. For example, In the Arabic and Spanish cultures, ancestral names are used as middle names to keep a track of the family trees and children’s genealogy roots. Moreover, some cultures in the United States gave middle names to all boys John, and to all girls Mary.

Some families give middle names based on their maiden names while the first and last name is devoted to the priest whom they are baptized.

In modern cultures, middle names are advancing from their ancestral roots to the more creative methodologies whose aim was not to bind the children to any specific family history. The middle names acquired by the parents for their babies have the sole motive to strengthen the first names and provide an overall character to the children’s personalities. These names are creative, symbolizing a parent’s personality, and most importantly connect the family more on pure emotional bonds that are priceless.

How to pick a middle name?

Selecting a name for your newborn is always a hard decision for the parents. It becomes tough when both partners are not able to agree on any one name. Hence the best option they get is to repeat the ancestral names. Parents can’t risk the first names but the same is not true for the middle one. While selecting a middle name parents can emerge their creativity to its full heights as the middle name does not associate with the children’s identity.

Physiological studies and research around parenting show that the parents try to express their persona while selecting a middle name for the children. Hence resulting in stronger emotional bonds within the family and affects the children’s mindset in a positive way where they learn to consider others’ perspectives and emotional values like their own. These research findings are proof that we as a society are progressing and parenting a more mature generation ahead.

There are a few factors that one can consider while selecting a middle name for your children:

  1. Understand the Middle name flow with first and last names

Parents have no bounds to limit their imaginations while selecting a middle name for their newborns but the navigation is important both in the imagination as well as in the whole flow of the name including first, middle, and last name. For example, Elizebeth is a pretty common first name, and using a middle name such as shines is more appealing than Moxie or rainbow as it conserves the name in a certain perspective.

  1. Try to connect the parent’s personality with the middle name

One should not bind the children’s names with any of their own beliefs. Hence parents can think about giving a middle name that is more subtle like Gertrude or Ralph. As it is not going to be used like the first name these personal names and likings can easily fit into the names. If anyone wants to celebrate the maiden name this is the perfect place for it too.

  1. The Sound of the Name when combined with the Middle Name

Practice the name as a whole to get familiar with the name and get an idea that the name sounds melodious and completes the name. One common practice among parents is that they both separately say the name out loud and write the first thoughts. This provides an indentation that whether the name is too monotonous or not in terms of its feel.

  1. Two Middle Names are also acceptable

If you have a slight idea about the British royal prince George, you understand this factor’s depth. Prince George has two middle names hence it is acceptable in your baby’s case too but limit it to two as more than that increase the complexity of the name.

  1. Try to avoid inappropriate monograms

The inappropriate monogram that spells out indecent is not acceptable as the initials. Hence select a monogram that works great as initials too. The initials of RDJ(Robert Downey Junior) are one great example of appropriate initials.

  1. Consider the nickname possibility

The middle name can also indulge within the nicknames. The best example of this is that Mary Elizabeth can be called with the nickname of Mary Beth which sounds decent and impressive.

  1. Analyze the trends for better ideas

In the modern space, the girls’ classics like Marie, Ann, and Lynn are out of trend and get replaced by Hope, Grace, Jane, and Rose. While in the case of boys the trend is the opposite means the classics like Thomas, Joseph, and James are more preferable.

  1. Excitement and Joy are important

The one thing that is more important while selecting the middle name of your baby is that parents make sure to select the middle name which excites them and resonates with the meaning of love and joy that they feel towards their children. All other factors get vague in this case and you both feel the same way that it is the perfect middle name for your baby.

Reasons to pick middle names

The reasons can be anything from honoring the loved ones in the family to preserving cultural values. It is entirely the parent’s choice. The motive that the middle name fulfills is conveying the joy and love of the parents towards their future baby. The expression of love and joy can vary and hence categorized as reasons. The major reasons for picking a middle name are:

  • Honoring a loved one
  • Mandatory Traditional aspects
  • Settling baby name battles
  • Offering the kid a choice of selection
  • Passing both mother and father’s family names
  • Adding special meaning to the name
  • Preserving cultural Values

There is no mandatory condition that parents are bound to select a middle name for their soon-to-be-baby. Make sure that the selected name adds to your joy and excitement toward your baby.